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Things to Do

There is more to Nebraska than cornfields! 

At our campground we have a playground, pool, mini-golf, game room, Saturday night movies, Saturday kids' crafts, and Halloween weekends! 

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Near the Double Nickel Campground:

Sandy Meadows Golf Course - Located right next door! Come camp and walk to the golf course!

Lee's Legendary Marble Museum - Come find your marbles in York! Houses one of the largest marble collections in the world! 
Wessels Living History Farm - A wonderful living history and learning farm for all ages!
A little farther away but worth the drive!
Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha - One of the best zoos in the world!

Additional Things to Do near Double Nickel Campground include:

York Area Children's Museum - a fun children's museum located in York, NE
Pioneers Park Nature Center - a nature preserve and wildlife refuge
Nebraska History Museum - a history museum full of cultural artifacts
Clayton Museum of Ancient History - a history museum on York College campus
University of Nebraska State Museum - a natural history museum
International Quilt Study Center & Museum - modern museum with a numerous amount of quilts
Lincoln Children's Zoo - Lincoln park zoo is fun for the whole family.
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Image may be subject to copyright